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2006 National Conference (Washington, D.C.)

In March 2006, NAML held its fourth national conference, titled “The Muslim American Legal Community Meeting the Challenge: Strengthening Muslim Institutions & Advancing Justice,” in Washington, D.C. at George Washington Law School, co-sponsored with NMLSA (National Muslim Law Student Association).  Our keynote speaker was Hauwa Ibrahim, a Nigerian human rights lawyer, joint winner of the 2005 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought and then World Fellow at Yale University.  This was the first NAML conference with Farhana Khera, our new Executive Director, at the helm, bringing a new level of organization and professionalism to the event.  Conference panels covered national and local legal issues, as well as topics in Islam and Islamic law relevant to Muslim legal practitioners.    

Below is a selected list of panel titles:

Racial and Religious Profiling: Its Definition & Legality in a Post-September 11th World

Domestic Surveillance: The Law and Its Impact on American Muslims and Muslim

Charity without Fear

From NSEERS to Being Ensnared at the Border: Immigration and Border Security

Upholding Religious Freedom, Ensuring the Right Remains

When the FBI Knocks: How to Represent Your Client in Federal Law Encounters and

Good Corporate Governance & Anti-Terror Financing Enforcement: How to

Identifying and Litigating Religion-Based Employment Discrimination Cases

Navigate the Post-9/11 Environment & Advise Muslim Nonprofit Organizations

How to Build a Local Muslim Bar Association

Making it to Partner

Introduction to Islamic law

Educate the Community About Its Rights

Overcoming the Big Whisper: How Your Deen Works for You, Not Against You, in the

From the Law Office to Public Office: Crossing the Threshold

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Speakers Biographies

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