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NAML Membership

NAML members support NAML operations through their annual membership dues.  

Benefits of membership include:

§  Eligibility to run for “at large” positions on the Board of Directors

§  Access to use and enter your information in the NAML Member Directory

§  Receive discounts on NAML conferences and CLE programs

Annual NAML membership dues are set on a sliding scale, as follows:

         Private Practice/Corporate Counsel

                   1 year or less after law school graduation: $50

                   More than 1 year after law school graduation: $100

         Government/Public Interest/Military

                   1 year or less after graduation: $25

                   More than 1 year after graduation: $75

         Academia/Judge $75

         Law Student $15

**NAML will waive or reduce fees for individuals who demonstrate financial hardship. Please complete your membership application and provide an explanation of reasons for a waiver in the box located on the payment options page.    

NAML Listserv

Since 1996, the NAML community has been built through online conversation, news, and shared expertise.  The NAMLNet discussion list now includes over 600 American Muslim legal professionals, including law professors, judges, and students, paralegals, and attorneys in the private, non-profit and government sectors.

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